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Klaveness Digital is a Norwegian technology company on a mission to bring shipping and logistics into the digital age. With our team of software engineers, data scientists, shipping, and logistics specialists in Oslo, Manilla and Singapore, we help global companies take better informed decisions.

We are privileged to work closely with leading companies in the metal and mining, agriculture, energy, shipping and logistics industries. With our customers valuable feedback, we are able to continuously improve our products to make sure they stay ahead in a constantly changing market.

We are looking for a developer with strong focus on operational tools and services (DevOps) to join our development team. You will get the opportunity to create and develop exciting and forward-thinking solutions to enable the shipping industry to move into a digitalized future.

Your main responsibility is to be our lead in the DevOps field. More concretely this means improving, managing and developing:

You will work closely together with head of security and head of platform development. It is expected that you collect and build knowledge of your field. You will be instrumental in defining our relation to our infrastructure partner(s) and build routines that enables the team to operate our data platform and services as effortless as possible.

Klaveness Digital work and act as a start-up, therefore you will be entitled and trusted with a wide range of tasks. Developing, managing, architecting and coding will be part of your daily routine and traditional specifications are nowhere to be found.

How we work:

The Klaveness Digital team is technology agnostic, but fancy functional versus OOP, open over closed source, managed cloud services over ‘bare metal’ and security trumps release speed. We utilize a range of different languages, frameworks and tools. Some examples are React, Redux and the obvious HTML/CSS/JavaScript trio, in addition we run Elm and F# in our production systems. Microservices are mostly written in Scala and there are still a few data crunching applications running Java. All services and processes are deployed to a multitenant Kubernetes clusters by the developers via GitLab pipelines.

The team process is modern. We pick and choose from the methodologies that fit our problems and team size. We run sprints, stand-up and retros as we speak, but we are continuously bending the format. The process may not look like the same next month. The most important to us is that the process methodology is not generating a large overhead and that there are plenty of room for feedback from the team members.

* You may have to get your hands dirty and adjust code to be compatible with important upgrades of core libraries like Java 11 and Jooq.


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