Tech Lead

Oslo, Norway · 1143


Hold is an innovative mobile app that reduces mobile phone usage and helps you focus while giving you the opportunity to get free rewards. For every 20 minutes that you don't look at your phone, you earn points which can be exchanged for freebies, vouchers or discounts on products or services in the app's marketplace.

Initially targeted towards students, Hold launched in Norway in February 2016, with 50,000 downloads in the first 3 months. Since then, the platform has experienced exponential growth, expanding to Sweden and UK and is looking at further international expansion. By partnering with national and international brands like Coca-Cola, Danske Bank, and 20th Century Fox, Hold occupies a unique place in the market by connecting users and businesses on a two-sided platform, creating value for both.

Hold aims to counter phone addiction and has a vision to help people develop a healthy relationship with technology.

We are now looking for a proficient back-end developer to join the team and lead development. As Tech Lead at Hold, you would be responsible for leading the tech team and development related to further development of the platform. You would take responsibilty for new features and functionalities, and would have the freedom to choose the technology stack. In this role you will also work hands-on with the entire product development process, prototyping and research, and style Scrum sprints.


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