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Beaufort is looking for a Platform Engineer

Each year more than 1500 billion USD is laundered through financial institutions and used to fund terrorist activities, trafficking and organized crime. Money laundering is a serious threat to society and criminals have until recently outsmarted the good guys. Beaufort is here to change that, and they are looking for a platform engineer to join their team.

Beaufort is developing the world’s best solution to help combat the problem by offering a modern, smart platform for financial companies. They are already in the market with their beta, covering customer on-boarding, real-time transaction monitoring and reporting, all integrated into an efficient, easy-to-use solution that a growing number of users love.

They call what they do providing superpowers for financial crime fighters. To continue their quest, they are aiming to further strengthen their fantastic team, which consists of the best in financial services and beyond – people who’ve founded and grown challengers like Monner and worked at world-class companies such as Schibsted, Accenture, Bakken & Bæck and Making Waves.

As their Platform Engineer, you'll be their most central programmer, and be involved in coding and managing their evolving platform. They firmly believe that you grow a system, rather than build it, so their architecture and infrastructure is designed to allow them to move quickly and continuously. Therefore, they expect you to have experience in making thoughtful use of cloud platforms to deploy highly available services efficiently.

More important than any specific stack details, they hope that you:

To achieve the above, you should have experience with these key technologies or their close alternatives:

We offer:

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